Each year at Stilettos we are blessed with incredible teaching from amazing guest speakers, lead into the presence of God through awesome worship and we’re encouraged and lifted up through our time together as friends and family.  But more than that, at Stilettos we are incredibly blessed to have the opportunity to outlive Jesus’ teaching to give (Acts 20v35)

During our time together at Stilettos Conference, we take an offering as part of our worship to God.  The money collected is then distributed equally between three local charitable projects – during our 2017 conference we were able to give Square Peg Studios, Restore, and Pregnancy Crisis Care a gift of £1000 each. As well as giving to these three charities, we also take time to celebrate and honour three ladies who have been nominated by friends as someone who has suffered some tough life circumstances but have remained strong in their faith and brought joy and encouragement to those around them.  And as if that wasn’t enough, we also take the opportunity to collect items needed by a local project.  At Stilettos 2017 we supported the women and children refugees.

More details of the charities and projects we are supporting in 2018 will follow, but in the mean time, why not read up on the wonderful work our 2017 charities do.


Restore is rebuilding the life intended by providing a safe place where women can get the respect and dignity that every person deserves, receive practical help to build the strong foundations in our society that every person needs, and provide much needed hope that, no matter what traumatic experiences they’ve had, they can enjoy a fulfilled life free from fear, which is the type of life that every person is worth.

That’s our mission.


Square-Peg-web-bannerSQUARE PEG STUDIOS
Square Peg Studio has a youth centered vision which recognises and facilitates kids and young adult gifting through developing it via art which helps them to grow in confidence and skills for an independent life. It was founded by Claire Hine who has two children on the autistic spectrum. An artist herself, Claire has seen amazing results via the involvement of art. Mums of Fascinating Kids is the family support network used to support families that have children with autism, ADD and behaviour disorders.

Pregnancy Crisis Care was founded in 2008 as a professional and confidential service available to anyone experiencing unintended pregnancy, pregnancy loss or difficulties following an abortion*.

We are passionately committed to helping women and couples through pregnancy crises; offering free, confidential, impartial support and counselling.



Surprise a girl

Is there someone in your life who has been through a hard season in theirs?  Would you like the opportunity to honour, encourage, support and celebrate them?  ‘Surprise-a-girl’ is your chance to partner with us in order to do just that.  Each year we celebrate 2 women from our community who have been nominated by someone from their world.  These beautiful ladies have been through incredible challenging situations but have kept God at the centre and continued to bring joy and encourage to those around them.  We honour them by giving personal gifts, showing them that we believe in them, honour them and support them.

If you would like to nominate someone, please email us at with their details and, if selected, we will partner with you to surprise them at Stilettos 2018.