Leading Ladies Lunch

We at Stilettos have an overwhelming desire to put into practice the biblical instruction to honour leaders (1 Thess 5v12 & 1 Tim 5v17).  It is that heart to honour that leads us to put on our Leading Ladies Lunch.

During our conference lunch break we want to gather together all those women who are in positions of leadership within their church to come, meet with our guest speakers, network and build relationship with other leaders, and enjoy a delicious lunch together.

If you are involved in church leadership, whether that be as a minister or a ministers wife, a youth leader or a worship leader, then we want to invite you to join us.  Maybe you head up the women’s ministry within your church, or lead a community project, whatever your church leadership role may be, we want to honour and support you as you follow Gods calling to lead.

For more information, or to accept the invitation to join us for lunch, please contact Katie by completing the form below.

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